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Earning Well-Deserved Recognition for Restoration


Fire Station No. 6 opened in 1903 as one of Houston’s first modern firehouses during a time when the City was in the early years of paying its firefighters, who had been volunteers since the formation of Protection Company No. 1 in 1838.

More than a century later, the station reopened in 2012 as home to Axiom’s creative energy in Houston, standing proudly to be admired by current Houston Fire Department personnel and everyday passers-by, and prominent organizations.

In 2013, Preservation Houston and the Houston Business Journal are among the latest organizations to recognize Fire Station No. 6. FS6 was one of 13 projects honored by Preservation Houston with its prestigious Good Brick Award for achievement in historic preservation. Also, the building also was nominated for HBJ’s Landmark Awards, which recognizes projects with the most impact in Houston’s real estate community.

Today’s Fire Station No. 6 remains an important historic symbol not only for the Houston Fire Department and the city, but for those who appreciate the significance of saving a building that could have faced the wrecking ball, given its deteriorating condition before Axiom’s founder and president, Tom Hair, purchased the building in 2005 and oversaw a six-year renovation into what the building looks like today.

Those efforts have not gone unnoticed by Preservation Houston and the Houston Business Journal. For Axiom’s part, the building is an everyday reminder of knowing where it came from and having a role in its future.


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