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Houston firefighters spring into action near FS6


The swift and systematic action taken by the Houston Fire Department was apparent during a Monday-afternoon fire across the street from historic Fire Station No. 6



Crews from at least four different stations, including the current Fire Station No. 6 located about a half-mile west of the historic building that houses Axiom, responded to the scene. The Broken Spoke restaurant was one of at least two structures that burned down. There were no reported injuries. (Click here for more on Monday’s fire.)

Axiom employees noticed the fire from a second-floor window at about 3 p.m. Smoke that billowed from the Broken Spoke quickly developed into a blaze emanating intense heat. Axiomites headed out to the front sidewalk about 100 yards from the scene, a safe distance but one can still feel the heat from the blaze.


Washington Avenue was quickly shut down  as fire crews methodically approached and eventually put out the fire before further damage occurred. Because traffic on Washington Avenue was closed, there was an eerie silence as firefighters calmly approached the burning buildings and got the job done.


Answering any call of distress can test an individual’s fight-or-flight response, which makes the controlled, collective teamwork of HFD in action impressive to watch.


Kudos to Houston’s fire and police departments for their quick response and ability to maintain public safety on a major thoroughfare.

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