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Restoration: An Example of 1903 Resourcefulness.

During the original renovation process of Fire Station No. 6, we recognized the creativity of the building’s original construction, which included sheet metal that was formed to give the appearance of terra cotta roofing and cut stone on the front crown of the building. “From our research, the original builders were very resourceful in their fabrication. Station 6 was a city building likely with a very limited budget, so I believe they had to be resourceful regarding the building design and fabrication back in 1903,” said Axiom president, Tom Hair.

The building’s typographical lettering and numerals (Fire Station 6 and 1903), were shaped in three-dimensional forms out of sheet metal and based on a unique hand-drawn lettering style not found in today’s graphic design industry. The original façade and lettering were too rusted to repair and had to be replaced. “We stayed historically true to using sheet metal, though it might have been cheaper to do otherwise. And rather than using an existing, but somewhat different type style, we redrew the letters exactly as the original lettering and supplied them to an environmental sign company to fabricate. These are customized letters and took time to redraw, but we wanted to stay true to the resourcefulness used during the original construction .” added Hair.

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