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Restoration: Getting It Right

Elevation Drawing (Sheet 2) Click to enlarge

Every project has some hiccups and the Fire Station is no exception.

Once the windows of the new addition were finally built and delivered, the General Contractor installed them ASAP. Unfortunately, this is a case where haste makes waste. Visual inspection showed that the arched windows  on the front of the new addition did not have the same spacing between them as the same types of windows on the existing building. And if the spacing between the windows did not match this would surely impact the ornate brick work around the arches of the windows as well. A quick review of the elevation drawings uncovered deviations in the drawing itself —it was not drawn to the actual field measurements of the existing building in a few areas around the windows and therefore some variation in the actual window spacing and correlating brick work was likely.

We stopped all further work to determine what actions should be taken to give a clear picture of what the actual construction would look like if we stayed the course. We determined that the architect would redo field measurements and redraw the elevation at a larger scale and also execute two optional studies of spacing between the arched windows and relationships of other components on the front of the building as well.

Pausing to do additional studies kept us from bricking the façade construction and then possibly having remorse with the results. This will entail moving four windows already installed, but at least we have not done the brickwork. Everyone worked together on this and therefore we have only lost a week on the schedule, something we can make up in the next month or so. More importantly we are much more likely to be happy with the final results.

The elevation (Sheet 2) above represents the revised drawing that we will now be building from.

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